tungsten wire

tungsten wire

Pure tungsten metal is with theoretical purity 99.95% and density 19.25g/cm3. tungsten wire, tungsten heater,tungsten bar,tungsten electrode, wolfram plate, tungsten sheet, tungsten target,tungsten, wolfram boat, tungsten crucible, wolfram contact, wolfram point etc. We are very proud of our over twenty years' successful experiences of supplying high-quality pure tungsten products with great services at the most competitive prices.

As a high performance material, tungsten products have high melting temperature (3,422 °C, 6,192 °F), high density (19.25g/cm3), low vapor pressure (at temperatures above 1,650 °C, 3,000 °F), low thermal expansion combined with good thermal conductivity, sufficient electrical resistance and high modulus of elasticity. Whether the metal is shaped in disc or boat, or crucible, it will not change its density and high temperature resistance properties and mostly, the machining is done after sintering and/or forging. Wire cutting is using Ø0.18 molybdenum wire for the round outer circle or center hole.

Pure wolfram products are widely used for furnace parts, semiconductor base plates, components for electron tubes, emission cathodes for electron beam evaporation, cathodes and anodes for ion implantation, tubes / boats for sintering of capacitors, targets for X-ray diagnostics, crucibles, heating elements, X-ray radiation shielding, sputtering targets and electrodes. Tungsten wire, plate, sheet, disc are popular types for the above application machining. Even though pure tungsten metal is brittle, but with years experience of machining

Tungsten filament is a product existed when the bulb with tungsten filament is invented and has a long history. Since tungsten filament has gone through so long history, it has been created with kinds of shapes to match different bulbs, such tungsten filament in the room, tungsten filament in the car, tungsten filament in the motorbike, and so on. All the applications has promoted tungsten filament to be more fashion and applicable. Wires are mostly with black and cleaned surface. Cleaned wire is removed graphite surface from black tungsten wire. With settled uses, wire can be doped for a longer life time purpose. The needle with small diameter can also cut from straightened tungsten wire.

Customized products are welcomed for pricing. Most of wolfram parts can be designed and cooperated based on drawing, such as anode, cathode, nozzle, heater, nut, bolt, etc. Tungsten boat can be customized by its size and shape, also the producing methods, such as stamping boat, riveting boat, sintering boat, forging boat…The picture showed is a kind of stamping one, and is the most common and popular type for using in metal melting. Customized tungsten can be with standard size of steel material, such as screw and bolt, can use M3, M4 and other standards for processing tungsten. Besides the national standard for common use, drawing should be designed.

tungsten, is a word used in searching for tungsten for the wrong spell, such as "tungston filament", "tungston electrode", "tungston rod", "tungston heater", etc. in the written and oral English, we recommend tungsten, which is the right word, to describe the metal. Besides the wrong words, there are many different languages to describe tungsten, such as volfram, wolf rahm, which are refined from wolframite or schelite. About 61,300 tonnes of tungsten concentrates were produced in the year 2009, and in 2010, world production of tungsten was about 68,000 tonnes. China has accounted for most largest amount quantity.

We hope in our website you can find the right type(s), drawing(s) which may meet your requirement. If none of them fits your needs, you can turn to contact us directly for your requirements and questions. If you would like to learn the latest news and prices of tungsten in China (FOB China), please visit the site of  at http\\www.matmetals.com.More about wolfram products, please e-mail address our admin@matmetals.com. you may find more information about tungsten metal, tungsten alloy, and tungsten carbide, which are all made from tungsten raw material

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