Tantalum Wire To Southeast Asian Countries

Tantalum Wire To Southeast Asian Countries

In Mid-December, we sent the manufactured high-quality Tantalum Wires to Southeast Asian countries safely and quickly by international express. They are very satisfied with our product quality, price and processing technology, and are willing to maintain long-term friendly cooperation with us. The tantalum products produced by our company have the characteristics of good ductility, good thermal conductivity, good finish, high hardness, good high temperature resistance, excellent compatibility with the human body and non-toxic. Its size and specifications can be customized, if necessary, please contact us by email.

Tantalum Wire is a hard and highly corrosion-resistant rare refractory metal, and it is easy to form a dense oxide protective film on its surface. Tantalum Wire is a filamentous tantalum material made of high-purity tantalum powder through plastic processing. It is mainly used in tantalum capacitors, lighting industry, electronics industry and metallurgical manufacturing industry. For example, it is often used as anode lead, electrode, filament, corrosion resistance Materials such as components, heaters, evaporators, heating elements and vacuum tubes. Moreover, Tantalum Wires are often used in the medical field to make sheets or sewing threads to suture nerves or tendons, and can also be used as surgical implants to provide patients with high-quality artificial organs

Tantalum Wire Picture:
0.03-0.5mm Platinum Iridium Wire, PT -IR Wire




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