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  • The surface of electrolytic polished moly wire shall be clean, smooth and bright, uniform in dimension. Mainly applied for mandrel of spiral filament, lead, support and other components.

  • Molybdenum Bar,Molybdenum Rod

    ? Brief introduction
    With its unique mechanical and chemical properties, molybdenum is an outstanding material that can meet the most exacting requirements. Because molybdenum possesses a very high melting point, a low coefficient of thermal expansion and a high level of thermal conductivity, it is used in many different industries.

    Molybdenum is a genuine all-rounder. We use this material, for example, to produce ribbons and wires for the lighting industry, semiconductor base plates for power electronics, glass melting electrodes, hot zones for high-temperature furnaces and sputtering targets for coating solar cells and flat screens.

    ? Talented in many areas.
    The industrial applications for our molybdenum are as varied as its properties. We briefly present three of these below:

    1. High purity and excellent creep resistance.
    2. High dimensional stability and excellent corrosion resistance.
    3. High thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion.

    ? Pure molybdenum – or maybe an alloy? It’s your choice.
    We prepare our molybdenum to perform perfectly in every application. We can determine the following properties through the addition of various alloys:

    Physical properties (e.g. melting point, vapor pressure, density, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, thermal expansion, heat capacity)
    Mechanical properties (e.g. strength, fracture behavior, creep resistance, ductility)
    Chemical properties (corrosion resistance, etchability)
    Machinability (e.g. cutting processes, formability, weldability)
    Recrystallization behavior (recrystallization temperature, embrittlement, aging effects)

    And there’s more: By using our own customized manufacturing processes, we can modulate various other properties of molybdenum across a wide range of values. The result: Molybdenum alloys with different ranges of properties which are precisely engineered to meet the requirements of each individual application.

  • Molybdenum bars have the properties of high melting point, good thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion. At high temperature, they can resist oxidation and have high strength without any distortion during the procession, etc.

  • The finished Mo boat is made by rolled high temperature Mo plate with the excellent characters of strength and high temperature resistance. It’s orderly and tidily profiled and well welded in order to ensure the boat having a best lifetime under the condition of high temperature and stress.

  • Used as the core component of magnetron tube of microwave oven.To support magnetron coil and prevent microwave from dispersing axially.

  • We use our high purity sinter & infiltrate process to manufacture superior quality molybdenum – coppercomposite material. Molybdenum copper is a great alternative to tungsten copper for weight sensitive applications.




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