The high quality Zirconium Tube,Zirconium sputtering target,Zirconium wire comes from jinxing metal

Zirconium has a melting point of 1855 degrees C or 3371 degrees F.

Zirconium is a highly corrosion resistant metal that is us used for many products. Some include pumps, valves, nuclear applications, chemical processing, reactor vessels, heat exchangers and more. The nuclear power industry uses nearly 90% of the zirconium produced each year. Zirconium is also used as an alloying agent in steel, to make some types of surgical equipment and as a getter, a material that combines with and removes trace gases form vacuum tubes. Zirconium is weldable and formable.

 Zirconium is a highly adaptive element with a variety of compounds and alloys that are used in a wide range of industries, including nuclear energy, industrial fabrication, healthcare and even national defense. We are zirconium metal: alloy tube, plates and sheet suppliers specializing in high-grade zirconium alloys to serve any industry. We offer every form from stock to enable quick turnaround and we also supply custom sizes and parts according to your needs and schedule.  Zirconium is highly resistant to heat and corrosion, and it also forms many useful compounds and alloys. These strengths make it an ideal component for nuclear reactions, and it is also used in laboratory equipment, metallurgy and surgical appliances. Jet engines and gas turbines may also use zirconium and zirconium alloys to prevent metals from warping due to high heat exposure.    See our zirconium data for more details and take a look at available Zirconium Tube,Zirconium Rod,zirconium plate,zirconium crucible,zr zirconium sputtering target, sizes to find the ideal materials for your applications. For special orders and pricing, contact us.

Zirconium Tube,Zirconium Pipe seamless R60702 seamless Zirconium tubes and pipes are our main products.Our tube rolling mill specializes in seamless Zirconium and Titanum tubes and pipes.We highly value long-term cooperation with our users and distributors, Our Zirconium tubes and pipes are available in varying wall thicknesses and can be ordered to different lengths and specifications.Our capabilities can be used to customize your order-including stamping,welding and bending. We have been selling Zirconium pipes and tubes to Asia,North America and Europe.Our superior quality,quick delivery and good price will make you compete easier in your market.Welcome to send your enquiry or your question to us online or by email.We will answer you immediately or within 24 hours.




 Outer diameter : 0.315 to 5.99” (8mm to 152 mm ).

 Wall thickness : 0.02 to 0.59” (0.5mm to 15mm)

 Length : up to 354 ”(9000mm).


 ASTM B523/B523M-12a

 ASME SB-523

 ASTM B658/B658M-11e1

 ASME SB-658/SB-658M


 Seamless tubes and pipes are tested according to customers' quality requirements:

 1 Tension test

 2 Ultrasonic test

 3 Eddy current test

 4 Hydrostatic test

 5 Pneumatic test

 6 Flare test

 7 Chemistry test


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