best price low evaporation pressure tungsten filament /wire for vacuum coating

best price low evaporation pressure tungsten filament /wire for vacuum coating




best price low evaporation pressure tungsten filament /wire for vacuum coating


tungsten filament /wire of Product Description



Tungsten wire


99.95%.Purity 99.92%, 99.98% can also be achieved if special demanded


W1, W2, WAL1, WAL2, WAL3


black, white

Specific electrical

0.055 Ohm x mm2/m resistance at 20 °C

Modulus of elasticity 

410 kN/mm2, at 20 °C.

 tungsten filament /wire of show



Straightness of tungsten filament /wire

Wire may be finished in the unstraightened or as drawn condition and is controlled to Bango's internal standards, In addition, wire can be straightened via mechanical or heat treating processes. Typically, the measure of the straightness of a tungsten wire is obtained by cutting a ten inch long piece of wire and allowing it to lie on a flat clean surface. The maximum deviation from a straight line along its length is the quantitative measure of its straightness. In general, as the degree of straightness increases, tensile strength decreases.

tungsten filament /wire of Feature:

  1. Excellent Conductivity

  2. Resistence of high temperature.

  3. Abrasion and Erosion.

  4. Suitable for making heating wires.

  5. Twisted wires for coating films under vacuum and for tungsten wires in electrical light sources usage.

tungsten filament /wire of Application:

Tungsten is widely used as refractory metals. In wire form, tungsten wire is essential for the production of lighting products and other goods where its high temperature properties are of use. Among its properties are a melting point of 3410° C, a low coefficient of thermal expansion and low vapor pressure at elevated temperatures along with good electrical and thermal conductivity.

The important applications of tungsten wire are for the production of coiled incandescent lamp filaments, cathode and support structures for power tubes, heating elements for high temperature furnaces and evaporation sources in metallizing processes. Thicker sizes of tungsten wire, straightened, finish-ground and cut into rod pieces are widely used for glass-to-metal seal lead parts in the lighting and electronic industries.

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