Tungsten Heavy Alloy/tungsten copper tubes/plates/blocks/rods

Tungsten copper alloy/tungsten copper tubes/plates/blocks/rods.


Tungsten heavy Alloy of description

Tungsten heavy Alloy generally is two-phase composite consisting of W-Ni- Fe or W-Ni- Cu or even W-Ni-Cu-Fe. Tungsten content in conventional tungsten heavy alloys varies from 90 to 98 weight percent and is the reason for their high density (between 17 and 18.6 g/cc). Nickel, iron and copper serve as a binder matrix, which holds the brittle tungsten grains together and which makes tungsten heavy alloys ductile and easy to machine. Nickel-iron is the most popular additive, in a ratio of 7Ni:3Fe or 8Ni:2Fe (weight ratio). The conventional processing route for tungsten heavy alloys includes mixing the desired amount of elemental powders, followed by cold pressing and liquid phase sintering to almost full density. The matrix tungsten heavy alloy melts and takes some tungsten into solution during liquid phase processing, resulting in a

microstructure through which large tungsten grains (20-60um) are dispersed in the matrix alloy. The as-sintered material often is subjected to thermo mechanical processing by swaging and aging, which results in increased strength and hardness in the tungsten heavy alloys.

Tungsten Heavy Alloy Main Application:For making rotors of dynamic inertial materials, the stabilizers of aircraft wings, shielding materials for radioactive materials, containers in hospitals and for radioactive isotope (Cobalt 60), and for material of armor piercing bullets and moulds, etc.

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Tungsten Heavy Alloy Advantages:

  -High density

  -Excellent mechanical properties such as high vibration-damping capacity and high Young's modulus.

  -Excellent radiation-shielding property

  -High thermal conductivity with low thermal expansion coefficient

  -Higher high-temperature strength and thermal shock resistance

  -High oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance

  The major products and services of Tungsten Heavy Alloy

  –Tungsten heavy alloy rod, bar, cube, brick, block, plate for various applications

  –Tungsten heavy alloy billet/barrel as main body of professional darts,

  –Screws/heads for golf club, flying fish sinker by tungsten heavy alloy.

  –Counterweight used in yacht, sailboat, submarine and other vessels by tungsten heavy alloy.

  –Tungsten heavy alloy ballast for aircraft, helicopter, F1 racing cars and other vehicles

  –Tungsten heavy alloy kinetic energy penetrators for defeating heavy armor

  –Governor balance weight by tungsten heavy alloy

  –Cubes/balls for bullet, rifle, missile and bomb by tungsten heavy alloy

  –Tungsten heavy alloy radiation shield for nuclear U-power, X-ray, medical instruments parts etc.

  –Mobile phone bobs/vibrators by tungsten heavy alloy

  –Tungsten-thoria guide nozzles

  –Design and machining of tungsten heavy alloy

  –Professional inspection and technical data available for tungsten and tungsten heavy alloy.

  All Tungsten Heavy Alloys Product are custom made and designed to a customer's specifications. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


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