The factory offers high quality and low price tungsten bar, tungsten wires

The factory offers high quality and low price tungsten bar, tungsten wires

High purity tungsten bars are used in the field of national defense, military weapons and precision electronic industry and other precision technology and materials, to prepare Gao Chunwu rods or tungsten wires, or as high performance electrodes, heating elements or high temperature components. Ultra high purity tungsten (5N or 6N) is often used as a gate, link and barrier metal in the electronic industry due to its high resistance to electron migration, high temperature stability and the formation of stable silicides. The ultra high pure tungsten and tungsten or tungsten titanium silicon composite material is often made of sputtering target materials with high purity, in the form of the film covered on the substrate or other thin film layer, for very large scale integrated circuit as a resistance layer, a diffusion barrier layer and the metal oxide semiconductor transistor as the gate material and link materials etc.

Application of polished tungsten cylinder: 
Tungsten rods are mainly used as heater, support pillar, feeder and fastener in vacuum or reducing atmosphere high temperature furnace. Moreover, serve as light source in lighting industry, electrode in glass and tombarthite melting, and welding equipments.

Description of polished tungsten cylinder: 
Tungsten rod can be manufactured in random length pieces or cut to meet customers' desired lengths. There are three different surface processes which are provided upon the desired end use:
1. Black tungsten rod – Surface is "as swaged" or "as drawn"; retaining a coating of processing lubricants and oxides;
2. Cleaned tungsten alloy rod- Surface is chemically cleaned to remove all lubricants and oxides;
3. Ground tungsten rod- Surface is centerless ground to remove all coating and to achieve precise diameter control.

Features of polished tungsten cylinder: 
The outstanding feature of tungsten rod is that they can be batch operated. Among the rod-like metal materials, tungsten rod has the highest melting point. In heat, electric conduction and electron emission, it performs very well. The tungsten rod is also characterized by high density, low dilatation coefficient and lowest metallic vapor pressure.he density of our tungsten rod is higher than 18.8g/cm3; purity, 99.5%. This has met the GB 4187-84 and AKM QB/WB-2006 Standard.

Theoretical density: 19.3g/cm3
Melting Point: 3422℃
Electric condctivity: 30% IACS Min
Rigidity: 69 HRA Min


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