High Quality Tungsten Rod Hot Sells Custom Size

High Quality Tungsten Rod Description

Tungsten is a metal with high melting point and high density, so it has high mechanical strength and thermal stability. High Quality Tungsten Rod Hot Sells Custom Size is made of tungsten material after a series of processing such as powder pressing, high temperature sintering, cutting forging and surface polishing. It is very suitable for military defense, aerospace, ship engineering, automobile and racing, petroleum It is used as a balance weight material in drilling,

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Spherical Tungsten Carbide Metal Balls

Spherical Tungsten Carbide Metal Balls Description

Hard carbide is a powder metallurgy product made of refractory metal carbide material as the main component, cobalt, nickel or molybdenum as the binder, and sintering in vacuum furnace or hydrogen reduction furnace. The commonly used types are YG, YT and YW series. Spherical Tungsten Carbide Metal Balls Is a commonly used alternative material for stainless steel ball, including all the advantages of carbide carbide,

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wholesale  different shapes W75Cu25 tungsten copper alloy


Description of W75Cu25 tungsten copper alloy

Tungsten copper alloy (Copper Tungsten Alloy, CuW, or WCu) is a pseudo-alloy of copper and tungsten. As copper and tungsten are not mutually soluble, the material is composed of distinct particles of one metal dispersed in a matrix of the other one. The alloy combines the properties of both metals,

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Manufacturers to provide Tungsten copper alloy tube cheap tungsten weights


Tungsten copper alloy tube of product description


tungsten copper alloy w75cu25 tube

Tungsten copper rod is a combination of tungsten and copper.The manufacturing process is as follows: press the refractory metal, sinter the pressed compact at a high temperature, and infiltrate it with copper. All this is done under very closely controlled conditions.  The result is a relatively hard material with superior arc and wear resistance,

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