Tungsten Syringe Shield

Nuclear medicine,lead Shield.X-ray Shielding Tungsten Syringe Shield

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 Nuclear medicine,lead Shield.X-ray Shielding Tungsten Syringe Shield

Tungsten Syringe Shield of Description

tungsten syringe shield is a suitable raw material for radiation protection, as its combination of radiographic density (more than 60% denser than lead), machinability, good corrosion resistance, high radiation absorption (superior to lead), simplified life cycle, non-toxic and high strength. It can provide the same degree of protection as lead whilst significantly reducing the overall volume and thickness of shields and containers. Besides, compared with lead or depleted uranium in the past, wolfram alloy is more acceptable in this case, for they are non-toxic.

Tungsten Syringe Shield of show

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Introduction of tungsten syringe shield :

9 mm thick glass-5.2g/cc gives optimum protection and is easily replaced. Fully exposed needle hub allows you to visually check for correct venous insertion prior to injection.

  2.5cc: 0.3 lbs (0.14kg)

  3cc: 0.36 lbs (0.16kg)

  5cc: 0.4 2bs (0.19kg)

  10cc: 0.62 lbs (0.28kg)

  With glass:

  3cc: 0.42 lbs (0.19kg)

  5cc: 0.53 lbs (0.24kg)

10cc: 0.77 lbs (0.35kg)

Tungsten Syringe Shield of feature

2 mm solid tungsten flange helps shield the hand when withdrawing liquid from a vial. Flange is easily removed to allow transition from drawing dose to patient injection. 9 mm thick glass-5.2g/cc gives the greatest protection of any glass in any syringe shield and is easily replaced. twist-turn and the syringe is held firmly.

The "T"handle on the PETPig cap allows the unit to be easily lifted out of traditional "ammo can" delivery cases. The use of the thermos style handle reduces hand exposure by permitting the PETPig to be carried to the imaging suite without holding container sidewalls. Prior to injection, the base unscrews, allowing the center portion to be used as a syringe shield. When placed in the optional PETPig Cradle, patient administrations can be performed with ease and maximum shielding.

Designed to accept 3cc and 5cc B-D syringes ,it places the needle inside the vial septum when engaged . The external calibration rod allows the precise volume to be withdrawn without a leaded glass viewing port ,where high exposure levels cannot be adequately shielded .


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