Tungsten Alloy Balance Bolt/Screw Nut/Block

Tungsten Alloy Description

Tungsten alloy material is the most commonly used counterweight in industrial equipment. It can reduce the physical size while exerting optimal performance in a limited space to maintain stable operation of the equipment. Tungsten alloy retains the high density, high ductility and good ductility of pure tungsten, and is suitable for being manufactured into various parts.

Tungsten Alloy Balance Bolt has high melting point, high high temperature strength,

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High quality 99.99% Pure Iridium Wire


 Pure Iridium Wire 99.99% of Product Description

  Iridium wire is mainly used in the following areas:

With iridium rhodium wire, it is mainly used for the temperature measurement of oxygen at high temperature in 1600~2100;

  Ultra fine wire diameter 0.15mm can be used for high temperature probe, for fire alarm and other fields;

  The diameter of 0.4~5mm is widely used in the electrode material,

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tungsten copper rod

Application:  1. Our tungsten copper is widely used in many industrial areas such as aerospace, power, electronic, metallurgy, and machinery;  2. It is also used for cooling device in electronic equipment;  3. Tungsten copper is also adopted as electrodes in resistance welding machine;  4. Arcing contacts and vacuum contacts in high and medium voltage breakers or vacuum interrupters adopt it as material; 

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