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Higher density WCu Rod Tungsten of Copper Alloy

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Higher density WCu Rod Tungsten Copper Alloy

This WCu Rod Tungsten Copper Alloy is an alloy composed of tungsten and copper. It is manufactured by powder metallurgy. , it has good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, excellent temperature strength and certain plasticity.The manufacturing process is: pressing the refractory metal, sintering the compact at a high temperature, and infiltrating it with copper. All of these are carried out under strictly controlled conditions. The result is a relatively hard material with superior arc and wear resistance, high physical properties: at high temperatures, good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity.


1) Arc contacts and vacuum contacts in high and medium voltage circuit breakers or vacuum interrupters

2) The electrode in the electric spark erosion cutting machine

3) Radiator as a passive cooling element of electronic equipment

4) Resistance welding electrode

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WCu Rod Tungsten Copper Alloy Properties

Material Tungsten Content (wt%) Copper Content (wt%) Density
Thermal Conductivity at 25℃ (W/M∙K) CET at 25℃ (10-6/K)
W90Cu10 90±1 Balance 17.0 180-190 6.5
W85Cu15 85±1 Balance 16.4 190-200 7.0
W80Cu20 80±1 Balance 15.6 200-210 8.3
W75Cu25 75±1 Balance 14.9 220-230 9.0
W50Cu50 70±1 Balance 12.2    

Tungsten copper rods are ground, polished, pressed and sintered. All rods are stress relieved and batch controlled. We can provide materials or ISO certification requirements. This tungsten copper rod meets international standards and can be shipped immediately and free of charge. It is very suitable for mechanical workshops, R&D, DIY and laboratories. Tungsten copper has high machinability and is widely used as resistance welding electrodes. Tungsten copper rods also have excellent electrical conductivity. Volume discounts are feasible. Please contact us for details




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