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Buy Premium Iridium Wire With Best Price

The iridium wire can be used as a high-temperature oxidation-resistant thermocouple material and filament material. We provide various diameters of iridium wires and iridium rods, and can be customized. The total amount of impurity elements can be less than 500 ppm.

The 90/10 platinum-iridium alloy with 10% iridium has good all-round manufacturing characteristics: it can be cast, welded, machined, and stamped; it has ductility and ductility; it can be hardened by work; and it is not easy to oxidize. Because of these advantages, 90/10 platinum-iridium alloy has always been one of the most important jewelry alloys used in the United States, despite the recent trend of 95/5 platinum-iridium alloy

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 Iridium Wire Application

1. Used to produce electric light source parts and electric vacuum parts.

2. Used to produce high temperature heating elements and refractory materials


3 Used for thermocouple protection tube in high temperature furnace.

4.. Used in the production of medical laboratory equipment.

5. Used as an electrode in the field of rare earth equipment.

6.. Used to make weapons.

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99.95% Pure Iridium Wire 


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